Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Honor of "Parenthood:" Our Favorite Dax Shepard Role

Dax Shepard has come along way since doing Ashton Kutcher’s dirty work on the MTV hidden camera series “Punk’d.”

Now he’s become a legitimate movie star – appearing in over ten movies since he left the celeb prank show in 2004. Some were good – like “Baby Mama.” Some were, well, not so good – like “Employee of the Month.” But regardless of the overall movie, Dax always delivers a solidly funny performance.

He’s become a
 leading man in real life, too. Over the holidays he proposed to his “When in Rome” co-star Veronica Mars… we mean Kristen Bell. Shepherd, 35, and Bell, 29, reportedly met at a mutual friend’s birthday party and went public with their relationship in 2007.

Next week Dax is making his triumphant return to TV,
 but this time it will be on a scripted, network series. In the latest small screen adaptation of Ron Howard’s 1989 film “Parenthood,” Shepard plays Crosby the commitment phobic youngest brother of the Braverman clan. We’re looking forward to seeing how far he’s come. 

If you want a reminder of his "Punk'd" performances, check out the first episode from the show's premiere season.



  1. actually he made his return on jimmy kimmel running around naked playing "mini" golf

  2. We stand corrected. This is hysterical. Thanks for sharing!