Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When Did Quitting Become OK? Ali Leaves Jake "The Bachelor"

What's with the new trend of quitting a reality show and then changing your mind? On Monday night's "The Bachelor" Ali left Jake in a puddle when she walked off the show because her boss was threatening to fire her. But before the preview for next week's episode even aired, we knew we had not seen the last of the bubbly blonde.

Up until recently, though, we had always assumed when a contestant quit a reality show that was it. We saw it time and time again on shows like "Survivor" and "Celebrity Apprentice."

But then things changed. First there was Speidi's infamous walk out/walk back in/walk out again on "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here." Then on "The Bachelorette" last season, it was Ed's turn. He left the show, for the same reason as Ali, because of pressure to get back to work. Begging two questions. When you go on a reality show, don't you clear it with your boss that you might need a few months off? Not to mention, if you're really looking for true love, shouldn't that come before your job at the ad agency?

But minor details aside, Ed left a crushed Jillian in week five, only to return a few episodes later to steal her heart and win the game. Ali waited until she was in the top four to drop the "I have to chose work over love" bombshell making it that much more "dramatic" in true "Bachelor" form.

By this time we've all seen the previews showing Ali returning. We assumed she would. In fact, we picked her as the winner on night one. So now we wait through the fantasy suite dates and final rose ceremony to see if we were right.

Want more? Read the interview with Chris Harrison revealing that Ali does, in fact, come back.

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