Friday, March 5, 2010

The Andy Griffith Museum's Permanent Home

Andy Griffith’s idyllic Mayberry doesn’t really exist but Mount Airy, North Carolina might be the closest thing around. This is the quaint southern hamlet where Andy Griffith grew up, the location of the annual Mayberry Days festival, and home to the Andy Griffith Museum.

The shrine to one of the world’s most beloved TV stars recently got a new home. There, for the small town price of just $3, Griffith fans can admire Andy memorabilia including the keys to the Mayberry jail, a Sheriff Andy Taylor shirt (made by the legendary western wear designer Nudie), and a bonifide Matlock searsucker suit jacket.

Emmett Forrest, a long time friend of Griffith’s, assembled the collection with collectibles that were personally contributed by Griffith and some of his famous friends like Don Knotts.

The museum seems like a must see for any true Andy fan. But if you aren’t planning a trip to North Carolina anytime soon but would love to delve deep into the history of the TV legend, visit the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' Archive of American Television and watch their extensive interview with Andy Griffith

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