Friday, March 26, 2010

Inspirational Pop Culture Moments of the Week

This week we scoured the globe to find the most uplifting examples of celebrity altruists. We joined a Hollywood heavy hitter during his effort to aid Haiti, a British chef in his quest to transform Middle America, an L.A. talk show host in a Southern cultural battle, a Tinseltown movie star at a factory press conference in Ohio, and a big Apple singer-songwriter on Capitol Hill. See how these five celebrities worked to change the world in this week's Most Inspirational Pop Culture Moments.
Sean Penn Doing Relief Work in Haiti

Actor Sean Penn didn't just donate money to the people of Haiti and get on with his life. Instead Penn has relocated to the island, has spent most of the past few months there, and oftentimes lives in the tents among the victims of the January earthquake. Penn has been in the Caribbean nation doing everything he can to aid the people displaced by the disaster.

Penn and a U.S. businesswoman started an organization called Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization (JP HERO). They have taken over management of a camp that has treated over 55,000 patients and serves 2,000 meals a day to people living in the tent city.

He says the biggest concern right now is moving over 45,000 people living in the "Sean Penn Camp" as it is now known, before the hurricane season starts and their makeshift homes are washed away in floods.

Penn is working so exhaustively that when Katia Riddle of NPR asked him what he'll take away from the experience, he acknowledged that he has not had time for that to even sink in saying, "That's something to be digested later."

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