Friday, March 12, 2010

Red Carpet Interview with Modern Family's Julie Bowen

By all accounts, Julie Bowen has had a fairly successful career as an actress. Her first turn in the spotlight came as Adam Sandler's love interest in Happy Gilmore and from there she was cast as a series regular on ER.

She also played Denise Bauer on a few seasons of Boston Legal with William Shatner and James Spader and did seven episodes of Weeds. Most recently she was a recurring character on Lost, playing Jack's ex-wife, Sarah.

But our favorite Julie Bowen role was always Carol Vessy, Tom Cavanagh's girlfriend one of our favorite shows of all time,  Ed. That is, until now. Carol Vessy will always hold a spot in our hearts, but now there's Claire Dunphy. The ever-so-slighty-more-intuned-than-her-husband mother of the Dunphy clan on Modern Family.

One of our favorite Claire moments was in the episode where we discovered that Mitchell was still upset with her for quitting their figure skating team, Fire and Nice, when they were kids. She turned to her TV brother and said, "I'm fairly confident that Dad's proudest moment was when you finally took off the flame-red unitard."

The cast of Modern Family is currently shooting an episode in Hawaii. We can't help but wonder if Julie will sneak off to the set of Lost for one final guest spot (after all we just learned that she and Jack had a child together, but that's a whole other confusing story). If she does moonlight, we're grateful it will only be a brief visit and she'll be back in Los Angeles to do more work on our favorite new sitcom.

Julie recently was on the red carpet at the Television Academy. Emmy magazine's Editor-in-Chief Juan Morales asked her about her success on the show in this video that was shot and edited by the Pop Culture Passionistas for the Archive of American Television.

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