Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The "Saturday Night Live" Presidents Return

The sketch comedy stars have aligned. The best "Saturday Night Live" Presidents have teamed up with Ron Howard in a "Funny or Die" video targeted at the always hilarious issue of financial reform.

In case your knowledge of "SNL" or American history is weak. Here's the cast list:

Fred Arminsen is Barack Obama with Maya Rudolph as his first lady, Michelle Obama; Will Ferrell plays George W. Bush; Darrell Hammond impersonates Bill Clinton; Dana Carvey stays the course as George H.W. Bush; Dan Aykroyd looks surprisingly different as Jimmy Carter; and Chevy Chase prat falls his way through the Commander-in-Chief who started it all, Gerald Ford.

Sadly, Phil Hartman who best portrayed Ronald Reagan on "SNL" was murdered in 1998. So, in a bit of stunt casting, Howard cast Jim Carrey in the part.

The end result is pretty funny. Now we'll just have to see what Congress does next before we decide if we feel like laughing or not.

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