Monday, March 8, 2010

We Finally Got to See What Brian Boitano Would Make

One quality you always hear that Olympic champs possess is consistency. Shawn Johnson always sticks her landings. Shaun White gets more air than his competitors every time. And Brian Boitano has never let us down in the kitchen.

Yes, that’s right, the Olympic gold medalist was finally back on the Food Network yesterday with a brand new episode of “What Would Brian Boitano Make?” And, just as we had expected, he was funny, charming, and he cooked some delicious food. We’ve been waiting months for his return and he did not disappoint.
But now that our foodie-TV appetite has finally been satiated, we want a little something more (we are, after all, give us an inch and we’ll take a mile type girls). Since Evan Lysacek has knocked Brian off his throne as the reigning U.S. Olympic gold medalist after 22 years, we want to see Boitano back on the ice. He can wait until the “WWBBM?” season is over, but then put down the Chef’s knife and slip the blades back on your feet and show Evan how it’s really done. Please!?

In the meantime, we’ll be tuning in each week for those delicious recipes and a couple of laughs.

Or, take a look back at our full list of Brian Boitano countdown trivia.

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