Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cirque du Soleil Announces a Michael Jackson Show

Michael Jackson is in heaven right now... maybe not literally but certainly figuratively... as the famed acrobatic circus spectacular, Cirque du Soleil, announced plans to mount a Michael Jackson show in the vein of the the Elvis and Beatles productions of recent years.

According to the L.A. Times, Jacko had a "longtime fascination" with the Cirque. Not surprising. This is a man who had an amusement park in his back yard and who's best friend was a chimp. Seems like the circus was in his blood.

Cirque has teamed up with the Jackson estate for what is a three pronged project. First up? The reality show, of course, set to air in early 2011. Wanna be choreographers can try out a la Idol and So You Think You Can Dance in a competition to find an out of the box, cutting-edge dancer. The prize is a spot on the creative team working on the live stage production.

Part two is a fall 2011 arena tour of the stage show which they anticipate will be more like a Michael Jackson concert minus Michael.

The third leg is the King of Pop's final Cirque resting place at a yet to be named MGM Mirage property in Vegas in 2012. This will be the full blown Cirque du Soleil treatment set to Jackson's music. Reports are the production will include 3D holographic images of Michael.

He really is beaming right now. Can you feel it?

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