Monday, April 12, 2010

Gleeks of the World Unite

After a four month hiatus, Glee is back tomorrow night and we're not the only ones with Glee fever. Check out this awesome clip with the cast and crew of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon going head-to-head in a faux show choir competition with the gang from Parks and RecreationYou have to watch it over and over to see the subtle nuances each and every member of the teams brings to the performance. Shear genius.

The New Directions better watch their backs. Did I hear someone say guest spot for Jimmy Fallon and Amy Poehler?

While you wait for Tuesday night's episode, you can partake in the Glee fun, too. Fox started "GLEEk Week" last Monday geared toward making fans part of the Glee community. Here are some of the highlights:

1) PHOTO BOOTH. The cast of Glee have taken their pictures inside a photo booth and now you can join them (digitally). Upload pictures or snap some on your webcam to get started. Then you can share them on Facebook.

2) SOCIAL GAMES. GLEEks can show their loyalty by changing their avatar to a picture of themselves posing with GLEE’s signature loser "L." And be sure to watch for Facebook “gifts” or update your status with a quote from Rachel, Will, and other cast members.

3) TRAILERS. Watch upcoming moments from brand new episodes featuring interactive fan elements and then share then with your Twitter, Digg, and Facebook friends.

4) AUDITIONS. And if all this isn't enough, it's not too late to try to land a part. Upload an audition video by April 26 and you could be the next Glee star.

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