Friday, April 23, 2010

Sandra Bullock’s Sister: Confections of a Master Baker

We didn’t know much about Gesine Bullock-Prado until recently but we’re glad we’ve learned what we have. Gesine (you can hear the proper pronunciation here) is actress Sandra Bullock’s younger sister and former business partner. The law school grad formed Fortis Films with her famous sis and ran the production company for ten years before she decided she wanted a change - giving up a red carpet party dress and Hollywood premieres for a chef's jacket and cozy kitchen.

As the story goes, she has always loved to bake. So she followed that passion all the way to Montpelier, Vermont where she opened Gesine Confectionary. The reportedly lovely pastry and coffee destination has since closed (sadly, despite our New England roots, we never made it there). But Bullock-Prado has recently opened a commercial business to fulfill mail order macaroon cravings.

Plus she’s written a book called Confections of a Master Baker: One Woman’s Sweet Journey from Unhappy Hollywood Executive to Contended Country Baker. Sure, it wouldn’t make a snappy movie title, but she clearly doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. Although we think there might be a recent Oscar winning actress who’d be perfect for the part of the pastry chef.

But where Gesine really sucked us in, is her really well written, mouth-wateringly photo ridden blog also called Confections of a Master Baker. If you go there, and we highly recommend you do, we have a few words of advice. Block out a big chunk of time because before you know it you’ll find yourself lost in her enchanting stories and pic after pic of the most mesmerizing macaroons. And have a nice healthy snack like carrot sticks or fruit salad before you dive in. Otherwise you’ll find yourself rushing into the kitchen, firing up the oven, and whipping up some meringue. 

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