Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What’s the Best TV Series in Sitcom History?

Like many TV fanatics, we have very strong feelings about the best TV shows of all time. So do the good people at TVSeriesFinale.com. So they’ve launched the Best Sitcom in TV History Smackdown. They’ve taken a list of TV shows by decade from the ‘50s through today and pitted them against each other. Fans can vote on two sets of shows from each decade, and then every week the list is whittled down until a victor is crowned.

The contest is currently in Round 2 and, frankly, some of the show’s that fell out in the first wave may not surprise you. Remember “The Goldbergs” from the ‘50s? Neither do we. So we weren’t shocked that it got 0% of the vote to “The Honeymooners” 60%.

But how can a classic like “The Bob Newhart Show” only get 5% of the ‘70s vote? We blame ourselves. After all, you can only vote once and we were remiss in not getting the word out sooner. We’re determined not to let that happen again.

So it’s up to us, and you good people of TV Land. But we’re worried that you might feel overwhelmed by the weight of these important decisions. We’re not ashamed to share our choices with you and if you find, that you agree with us, then you might just want to scoot on over and vote as well. Don’t feel any pressure… just a few friendly suggestions:

The Best Sitcom of the 1950’s:
Column 1 Choice: “The Honeymooners
Column 2 Choice: “I Love Lucy

The Best Sitcom of the 1960’s:
Column 1 Choice: “Gilligan’s Island
Column 2 Choice: “The Dick Van Dyke Show

The Best Sitcom of the 1970’s:
Column 1 Choice: “The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Column 2 Choice: “All in the Family

The Best Sitcom of the 1980’s:
Column 1 Choice: “Taxi
Column 2 Choice: “Newhart

The Best Sitcom of the 1990’s:
Column 1 Choice: “Friends
Column 2 Choice: “Seinfeld

The Best Sitcom of the 2000’s:
Column 1 Choice: “Modern Family”
Column 2 Choice: “Arrested Development

And as a public service, we’ll let you know what happens as the week’s progress.

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