Monday, May 17, 2010

Carol Burnett to Host SNL?

Now that Saturday Night Live has wrapped for the season and Alec Baldwin was almost as funny as Betty White, the show’s crew is going to get a well-deserved break. But that doesn’t mean the Facebook fans who have seen the undeniable power of social networking are going to slow down.

Since the success of Betty’s SNL stint, lots of Facebook sites have cropped up in support of other senior stars. There’s a page pushing Rue McLanahan, one for Liza Minnelli (which would be FABULOUS), and even one for Carol Channing. But our favorite of the moment is Carol Burnett to Host SNL!

The page was created by Teri Quinlan and David Carlton. When asked why he felt Burnett would make the perfect SNL host, Quinlan replied, “I grew up during the ‘60s and ‘70s when The Carol Burnett Show was a weekly staple for most households. Her humor appealed – then AND now – to all age groups. There are a lot of us who came of age during the early days of SNL and long to see the kind of skits that someone like Carol Burnett could bring to it.”

As to whether or not she’d be better than Betty, Quinlan said, “I love Betty White and loved seeing her on SNL. I think Betty and Carol have slightly different senses of humor and to compare the two is like comparingjavascript:void(0) the Beatles and Elvis. I love both.”

We couldn’t agree more. And let’s face it Burnett knows variety shows. Our only fear is that Fred Armisen would play Mr. Tudball to her Mrs. uh-Wiggins. Still, it’s worth the risk.

Join the campaign at Carol Burnett to Host SNL!

And see Carol with Tim Conway in these outtakes from a classic Carol Burnett Show skit:

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