Friday, July 2, 2010

Zach Gilford Talks about His Facebook Fans

Friday Night Lights is one of those shows - a darling of the critics but never a mainstream success. And yet it has its core fan base that is loyal and steadfast.

Now in its fifth year, and with Emmy season quickly approaching, the show might not be on everyone's watch list. After all in four years it's been nominated only four times. And while none of those nods were for the cast, the series' one win was for best casting.

But then along comes Zach Gilford and an episode called "The Son." In it Matt Saracen (played by Gilford) attends his father's funeral. Zach appears in three-quarters of the emotionally-charged scenes, and truly gives a stand-out performance.

Now add in those aforementioned loyal fans who started a Facebook campaign called "Nominate 'Friday Night Lights' Star Zach Gilford for an Emmy!" and the chances of an FNL nod from the TV Academy seem a little stronger. So far the page has 8,753 friends.

In our recent interview with Zach we asked him what he thinks about the social networking page and his loyal fans.

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