Tuesday, September 21, 2010

OK Go Is at it Again

The guys in OK Go are obviously not tech-heads. Rather than go the usual route of overblown visual effects for their music videos, they are famous for simple, one-take masterpieces that rely entirely on performance.

They’re best known for their Grammy award winning short-form music video for “Here It Goes Again.” The YouTube sensation featured the dorky looking dudes performing a flawless dance routine on treadmills.

Since then they’ve been human statues amidst a game of mousetrap and performed with a marching band in two different vids for the song “This too Shall Pass.” They did a stop-motion routine in pastel tracksuits in “End Love” and allowed themselves to blend into the wallpaper in “Do What You Want.”

They’re latest piece, “White Knuckles,” already has over one million hits on YouTube and it’s only been up for two days. Seems like the guys are looking at another viral hit. And this time the boys have some very special co-stars. In a once again flawlessly timed routine of masterful everyman choreography, OK Go is upstaged by a troupe of canine artists who work in and out of the number without missing a beat.

Best of all, in honor of their mostly shelter dog co-stars, the band is donating proceeds from the video to animal rescue.

And here’s a little fact that you might not know. The bald and bearded band-member who does most of the lip-syncing in the OK Go videos, isn’t the lead singer. He’s the bass player, Tim Nordwind. The real lead singer is Damian Kulash, who we’re assuming might have a few “walking and chewing gum” type issues that preclude him from doing the job on some of the more complicated performances.

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