Friday, October 8, 2010

Save Jimmy Smits

Photo by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Just two weeks into the new fall TV season there have already been some casualties. Fox's Lone Star and ABC's My Generation were the first to get the axe.

Some TV travesties cannot be overlooked—the Gilmore Girls never got a proper good-bye episode, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip getting axed after one season, and now, the fact that the new Jimmy Smits series Outlaw might be in trouble.

Yesterday news broke that the new NBC show has been put on production hiatus after just three episodes. While that technically is not yet a cancellation, it sends a strong message that the network doesn't have a lot of faith in the show. In fact, maybe NBC never believed in the show. After all they put it in the Friday Night Death Slot right from the get go.

We've been longtime Smits fans and are always happy to see him return to series TV. So when we heard about the new show, we were excited for a weekly Smits-fix. The show has not disappointed. Jimmy is, once again, commanding in the role of the complex former Supreme Court Justice Cyrus Garza. And the show should be given a chance to build the audience it so well deserves.

But there's good news for Smits fans, the hiatus just means the network won't invest any more money into making the show until the ratings pick up. So what can we do? As fans of the L.A. Law/West Wing star, all we need to do is watch. Get your friends to tune in. Spread the word. If the numbers go up, we can save Jimmy.

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  1. Please watch. but also more important... if you can send an email to to have your voice heard. Let NBC know you watch and what you think of the show. Thank you.
    If the show has a spike in the ratings we can save it...

  2. email to KEEP OUTLAW ON
    let's start something big! IF you know someone in LA PASS IT ON

    If you are in LA go to studio at sunset and gower and give guard paper saying KEEP OULAW or LOVE JIMMY AND OUTLAW. be respectful. let's line 'em up on your way to work, home, shopping, dining, tweeting, FBing, whatever

  3. Why cancel Outlaw??? It is very well written and Jimmy is very credible. Give it a chance on another night, please!!!