Monday, November 15, 2010

Denis Leary Has a Little Extra Time on His Hands

We admit that we miss Rescue Me—our TV week just feels empty without it. But there is one good thing about the fact that the show long ago filmed the entire final season. Writer/producer/star Denis Leary seems to have a lot of extra time on his hands.

That’s good news for fans of the acerbic comedian. Here are five reasons why:

5. Standup Animated—Leary obviously has more energy to put into non-Rescue Me content for his production company Apostle. The first new offering is an animated web series called Shortie. The groovy toons provide a visual to classic standup routines by Joe Yannetty, Pete Correale, Adam Ferrara and Leary himself.

4. Live Short—Apostle also just recently premiered the short film Inside Out starring Bruce Altman and Michael Boatman. Anything produced by the comic mind that brought us The Job is worth checking out.

3. Let the book controversy begin—Denis has had time to write another book. Well, according to his trailer Suck on This Year is more of a comedy pamphlet. And won’t eat up to much of your time. As he explains it’s a very quick read, “Front to back—12 minutes.” Check out the trailer below.

2. Doing good—The ultimate champion for the cause, Denis always works tirelessly for the Leary Firefighters Foundation. And this weekend, Boston fans were able to see the hometown boy live at the 16th Comics Come Home charity event to benefit the Cam Neely Foundation.

1. How tweet it is—Tired of celebs telling you what they had for breakfast? Twitter was made for smart and funny people like Denis who can actually make you laugh in 140 characters. Follow him on Twitter or on Facebook for a daily dose of laughs.

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