Monday, November 15, 2010

Office Space—The Musical?

If you have ever worked in a dead end job in a cubicle ridden work environment, and you haven’t seen the movie Office Space then do yourself a favor. There’s never been a better homage to the sucky world of nine to five than the 1999 Mike Judge flick.

Well Office Space is coming your way with a little extra bit of flair. Not only is the cult classic being released on Blu-ray, but there’s an extra special surprise bonus feature—a sneak peak at the Office Space musical. Sort of.

The DVD does feature a special video of a show-stopping number based on Milton’s stapler-fueled rant. But, sadly, it’s just a one off promo piece. Who knows, maybe if there’s a big enough rally of fan support, the married squirrels might get their moment on the Great White Way.

Until then, don’t work on Saturday… watch the best workplace comedy of all time instead.  

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