Friday, February 18, 2011

This Week's Inspirational Pop Culture Moments

A Golden Globe-nominated actress helps clean up schools, a game show host says “come on down” to some four legged friends in need and an ‘80s icon helps boost local spirits.

Julianne Moore Loves Our Schools
Julianne Moore, the Golden Globe nominated actress from "The Kids Are Alright" and mother of two children, has joined forces with
Bounty Paper Towels to launch “We Love Our School” week. The program was rolled out at PS63 the William McKinley School in Manhattan this week and Moore was on hand to kick-off the campaign to clean up 1,000 school and 2,500 classrooms nationwide.

Bounty has teamed up with PTO Today, a non-profit committed to meeting the needs of school children with the help of parents and teachers. Bounty has pledged to provide clean classrooms for kids across the country.

The organization has set up a Facebook Page for interested schools to learn more abut the program. Schools can enter to win the "We Love Our School” sweepstakes and a chance for a $50,000 school make-over.

Julianne Moore told PopEater, "It's a way of bringing attention to the fact that there's an awful lot falling on teacher's plates these days and that we can all collectively help them out."

She continued, "We love our children, we care for them and we have a responsibility to them and to their education. This is a way for all of us to get involved."

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