Friday, November 9, 2012

This week's inspiring pop culture moment: Lindsay Wagner

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Each week we take a look around our pop culture world and try to find one moment that stood out as the most inspiring. It might be a celebrity who is doing charitable things, a TV shows that inspires us to be better. Here is this week's most inspiring pop culture moment.

The self-proclaimed nature lover is happier to be playing with her dogs than hob knobbing at some Hollywood hot spot. Some might still think of her as the Bionic Woman, who makes the occasional TV appearance on shows like Warehouse 13. But outside of her career in entertainment, Lindsay has become an author and public speaker who lives by the credo “quiet the mind and open the heart.”

In a recent conference call interview, Lindsay described her personal journey, “How do I find balance? I do a lot of meditation and I do clearing practices, which are kind of things that I teach in my workshops. That’s very helpful to me. And my spiritual life is very important to me. Always has been and it kept me going through times when I wasn’t so balanced. But maybe I would’ve ended up worse had I didn’t have it.”

She credits mediation with helping her grow as a human being, “It’s enhanced my life and sense of everyday peace and openness and forgiveness and all those kinds of things that we strive for that are harder when we’re younger. And definitely, it’s been a big part of my life.”

As for the greatest gift she’s derived from her mediation practices, Lindsay cited “the ability to relax and let everything go and be fully in the moment, to just experience being alive and enjoy being alive. We tend to experience so much through our lives, most of it actually, until we get a handle on it, of all the facts in our life and our thoughts become what we think life is.”

She is an advocate for the techniques that help to calm the mind. She links them to an ability to “be calm and be present without always analyzing and comparing and all those things that the mind wants to do all the time, which makes us think that we are the mind.”

Visit Lindsay Wagner’s official website for more information about her upcoming seminars and speaking engagements. And stay tuned for her future appearances on Warehouse 13 on Syfy on Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST/8 p.m. Central.

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