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Milo Ventimiglia Is Chosen for a New Web Series

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You're going to want to have some time on your hands before you sit down to watch the first episode of Chosen on That's because all six episodes of the web series are already posted online and once you get sucked in to the first 30-minute episode, odds are you'll want to watch the whole series all the way through.

With production values to rival any network series and a cast that includes the Gilmore Girl's Milo Ventimiglia and The Drew Carey Show's Diedrich Bader, you'll forget you're watching a web series. And the twisting and turning storyline, ensures a white knuckle ride.

After all, it starts out with a bang — almost literally. Milo’s character, attorney Ian Mitchell, discovers a box with a gun and instructions to kill a specific stranger within three days. If he doesn’t, he and his kidnapped daughter will die instead.

In a recent conference call interview, Milo talked about the journey his initially mild mannered character takes on the show. “He works in a law office. He wears a tie. He  has these little struggle of words with him ex-wife or his marriage is falling apart. He's a guy who's just  dealing with some everyday problems.”

But then, Milo notes, everything changes. He explained, “This box arrives and he is now hunted and has to hunt and is  put into this game that is, as the trailer says, not the fun kind. And he has to  adapt as a human being for the sense of survival.”

That evolution is what drew Milo to the role in the first place. He recounted, “For me it was a guy whose a total normal functioning member of society. And what the situation he gets thrown in, where it's life or death for not only him but for those that he loves. That is what attracted me to Ian Mitchell.

He continued, “And then it's just an added bonus when you've got cool, talented inspirational people that you're working with like [writer-director] Ben Ketai and Crackle and the rest of the assembled production team. So for me it was a treat every day to walk on the set, like wow, I'm so blown away with the company that I'm in, the people that I get to be around and get to work with and play with and make, hopefully,  some good cinema with.”

That team is going where few traditional production teams have really gone before, as is Milo. While movie stars have been making the shift to TV shows for a few years now, the Heroes star is one of the pioneers from the small screen who’s making dedicated web series.

He described what attracted him to the opportunity, “I'm just so excited about digital because of the reach. The actual releases sometimes some countries don't get movies. Sometimes they're in and out of theaters. TV, maybe you don't have the channel. Maybe you don't have pay cable. Maybe you live in a remote part of the world that just doesn't have what the network is showing or studio is putting out.”

He’s realized that isn’t the case with the Internet, “Digital, I feel like anybody can access it. Anybody can get to it. And for me being a part of projects like Chosen, working with Crackle and just being a guy who's been in the digital space for a long time now. I know it's something that I'm going to continue to do.”

The 35-year-old actor has also taken on a new role behind the scenes as well. As he noted, “I never want to be excess baggage. So it was just a natural thing that came up and [the Crackle executives] said, ‘Hey would you like to produce this as well?’ I said, ‘Yes, of course. Let's do it all together.’ And we had a great, amazing production team, as well. Whatever I've done in the producing world was just a matter of expanding the bubble of information and experience that we all had had going into this.”

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