Thursday, November 19, 2009

Petite Passions: Free Museums

Even going to a free museum like the Getty in Los Angeles isn't cheap these days. While they charge zero dollars for admission, they've upped the parking bill from $8 to $15 per car. That's not unreasonable considering that the cost is usually split among a few visitors but we couldn't help but wage a search for a bigger bargain.

What we stumbled upon is a boon for art lovers nationwide... and all you need is a Bank of America card and you can get in free to over 100 museums across the country during the first full weekend of every month. And we're talking major institutions here. So grab your card and go - just make sure you don't spend too much in the gift shop or it will cancel out the whole savings concept.

To see a list of participating museums in your area visit:

Bank of America Museums on Us

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