Thursday, October 22, 2009

Petite Passions: Playing Cards

When was the last time you picked up a deck of cards? No, playing on-line poker doesn’t count. We’re talking a tangible pack of 52 glossy new cards. When we were little they provided hours of entertainment. We could engage in a good battle of W-A-R for hours. On a lonely afternoon, we could play solitaire to pass the time. If we were feeling ambitious, the construction of a delicate house of cards would be our focus. Or, if we were feeling bratty, we’d torture each other with a game of 52 card pick-up (that just requires throwing the deck up into the air and forcing your sister to clean them up before your mother came rushing into the room to figure out what all the yelling was about).

Cards are good and you can get them at a lot of places for as little as $1.25. Pick some up on your next trip to CVS or your local pharmacy and play a game of Go Fish for us.

Written by Amy & Nancy Harrington

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