Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who Will Be "America's Next Top Model?"

The time has come for Tyra Banks to announce to the world "who will be 'America's Next Top Model.'" The answer has seemed pretty clear from day one of Cycle 13 - the 18-year old student, Nicole Fox. But she still has a few hurdles to jump.

Namely the often stiff and unflattering Covergirl commercial and, of course, the ultimate runway show. This season's lanky ladies will have the added pressure of smizing (smiling with your eyes according to Tyra) and modeling "h to t" (that's head to toe for those of you who, again, aren't tuned in to Tyra speak) having to cruise the catwalk in front of one member of the Hollywood elite - Eddie Murphy. We're not sure what he has to do with the modeling world (besides having dated one or two in his checkered personal past) and we hope for the girl's sake that they don't do anything to invoke his famous braying laugh.

Nicole's competition is the 19-year-old waitress/bull castrator (seriously) from Stanford, Kentucky, Laura Kirkpatrick. If you mute her voice and conceal her blotchy sunburned skin with enough CoverGirl Trublend Liquid Makeup, she's actually a striking model who's built quite a good portfolio throughout the season. But Nicole's eye catching beauty is almost sure to give her a leg up.

And regardless of who wins, a leg up is what the tiny head turner will need. This season all the fierce competitors were petite models. And even the cutie who gets christened by Tyra will have an uphill battle to build a career in an industry where the minimum height is 5'8". At 5'6" and 5'7" respectively, Laura and Nicole have to hope that Kate Moss type lightning strikes them and they join her in the ranks of runty runway divas.

So before Miss Jay's expanding puffy shoulders accidentally envelop Tyra's head, we bid adieu to another season of fashion photography and pretty girl cattiness. And we can only hope that this season's top model doesn't fade into oblivion the way almost all the other winners (who didn't marry Peter Brady) have.

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Written by Amy & Nancy Harrington

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