Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Olympic Figure Skating Time!

We're not the only ones getting psyched for the Olympics. Watch as these stars of "The Office" talk about their favorite moments from the games. For us, it's impossible to pick a favorite moment, but our number one event? Figure skating. Hands down.

And in preparation for the events, we spent the past two weekends glued to our TV sets watching ice-related programming. Our all time favorite cooking show host, Brain Boitano (oh, yeah, he was a pretty good skater, too) had his annual Skating Spectaular featuring the music of an older, greyer, but-still-can-hit-the-high-notes Chicago (as if skating weren't cheesy enough).

Then of course, there was the main event — the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. This year the Nationals not only determined the 2010 U.S. Champs, but who makes the Olympic team going to Vancouver in just two weeks.

While we were happy to see Sasha Cohen attempt a come back, she really should have given herself a little more time to train. Ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White blew us away and we were glad to see them finally beat their skating rink adversaries Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto.

But the highlight of the event was the head-to-head match between longtime rivals Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek. While Evan is a great skater, our hearts belong to Johnny — the flamboyant fashionista on skates.

If you can’t get enough of him (and we can't) his reality show started this week, too. "Be Good Johnny Weir" follows him as he attempts to make to 2010 Olympic team. Even though we know the ending, it's still good TV.

Out appetites are sufficiently whet and ready for the Olympics. Two weeks and counting.

Written by Amy & Nancy Harrington

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