Thursday, January 28, 2010

So Long, Betty!

We were sad, though not all that surprised, to hear that "Ugly Betty" has been officially canceled. After starting this season in the Friday night death slot, we thought Betty had been given a reprieve when she was moved to Wednesday following "Modern Family"/"Cougartown" block. But, alas, it was just a last ditch effort to save her.

What was the downfall? Mark turning into a softy? Daniel kissing Willy? Betty not being all that "ugly" anymore?

The producers are promising a satisfying conclusion. Who knows what that means. Here are a few suggestions for them: Henry comes to New York to tell Betty he can't live without her and she goes back with him to Tucson; Justin becomes the star of his new acting class, gets cast in a TV show called "Just Justin," and they all move to Los Angeles (we would love to see that spin-off); or Amanda, who it turns out is a secret genius, gets a boatload of money from her dad, Gene Simmons, buys the magazine, and fires everyone.

OK, we know none of that will happen, but at least they saved us from Hilda's jump the shark sitcom baby. You know, the one who is suddenly a precocious five-year-old when the show returns from summer hiatus.

We will miss you, Betty. Long live ponchos.

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Written by Amy & Nancy Harrington

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