Thursday, February 18, 2010

Betty White and Other Dream "Saturday Night Live" Hosts

Betty White has had a pretty good year. At 88-years-old she was in the the hit movie "The Proposal," got a Screen Actor's Guild Lifetime Achievement Award, and starred in the best Super Bowl commercial of the season (the Snicker's spot with Abe Vigoda).

But even before all the Betty hoopla began, a "Golden Girls" fan by the name of David Matthews launched a Facebook page as a campaign aimed at getting Betty to host "Saturday Night Live." While Betty herself says she doesn't understand the social networking phenomenon (in a recent Diane Sawyer interview she called herself a "technological spaz"), she has more friends on the new Facebook page — "Betty White to Host SNL (please?)!" — than the actual "SNL" show has on theirs. Betty has close to 400,000 fans and the late night sketch comedy show has less than 300,000. Rock on, Betty.

While we'd love to see the "Mary Tyler Moore" star grace the stage at 30 Rock, we also have some other deserving celebrities in mind for the gig. So, we give your our "SNL" Host wish list.

Joel McHale
"The Soup" host-turned-sitcom star, Joel McHale is in one of our favorite shows of the new 2009-2010 season. "Community" gets us giggling each week. And we're glad to see that Joel is not only funny but also that he can act. Plus, he could get pointers from his co-star and "SNL" alum Chevy Chase.

Jane Lynch
Our favorite new show this year is "Glee" and our favorite person on "Glee" is, hands down, Jane Lynch. We've always been fans of Jane, from her portrayal of the butch dog trainer in Christopher Guest's "Best in Show" through her turn as the creepy store manager in "The 40 Year Old Virgin." She would tear up the "SNL" stage. Maybe now that she has a hit TV show, Lorne Michaels will come knocking on her door.

Seth MacFarlane
If anyone could come on "SNL" and create some funny characters, it should be Seth MacFarlane. We're not the only ones who think the creator of "Family Guy," "American Dad!," and most recently "The Cleveland Show" is funny. He became the highest paid writer/producer in TV history last year when he signed a $100 million deal with FOX. "SNL" could use some of that comedy magic.

Jeff Goldblum
Goldblum seems like a pretty powerful guy these days. After one season on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," the old cast is allegedly being canned so that Jeff can take the helm. That's impressive. We have to admit it, there is something mesmerizing about Goldblum. The quirky, eccentric, oddly handsome star of "The Fly" and "Jurassic Park" makes us laugh, and we know he'd be great hosting "SNL." He's already done it twice, but that was back in the dinosaur days. We want modern-day Goldblum.

Ellen DeGeneres
We know she can host. First, there's her own daytime hit, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." She's also done the Emmys, the Oscars, and the Grammys. Plus, now that she's on "American Idol," Ellen is everywhere. So we figure, why not "SNL"? She hosted once in 2001, but we think it's time for her Saturday night comeback. We bet they'd even let her dance.

Ian Somerhalder
There was talk for a while of Robert Pattinson hosting, "SNL" but if they are going to put a sexy, young vampire onstage, we'd like to nominate Ian Somerhalder over the "Twilight" star. Pattinson is so yesterday's news, and Somerhalder is the breakthrough star of CW's "Vampire Diaries," playing the evil bad boy vamp to his brother's nice guy bloodsucker. We have no idea if Ian is funny, but that hasn't seemed to be a prerequisite lately, so we say bring on the living dead.

Jason Schwartzman
Did you see "Bored to Death" last season? If not, rent the DVD. Soon. Jason Schwartzman stars as a writer-turned-private eye, with the added bonus of Ted Danson as his weed-smoking sometimes editor. Schwartzman is perfect at being... well Schwartzman. And while we'd like to see Danson back on "SNL" (he hasn't hosted since 1989), we think Jason should get a shot at 30 Rock center stage. Since his debut in "Rushmore" a little more than ten years ago, he's finally hit his stride. Perfect timing for the "SNL" spotlight.

Tyra Banks
We slipped this one in to see if you are paying attention. Actually, we think Tyra could possibly be one of the worst choices for host ever. But you've got to admit there's something intriguing about the pure train wreck potential of it. And to her credit, Tyra manages to pull off a lot of things no one ever thought she could.

Fred Willard
Fred Willard is one of the hardest working and quite possibly one of the funniest men in show business. And yet he's too often forgotten. Did you see his guest spot as Phil's dad on "Modern Family" this season? Casting genius. In over 40 years he's appeared in more than 200 TV shows and films, but he's hardly ever cast in leading roles. He's always the wacky neighbor or annoying father-in-law. Willard entered our consciousness as Jerry Hubbard, Martin Mull's sidekick on 1977's "Fernwood 2 Night," and that was also the one and only season he hosted "SNL." We think it's high time Fred comes back to front and center on "SNL" and gets his props. He's long overdue.

Alec Baldwin
We admit this is not the most original idea. But there's a reason Alec Baldwin has hosted "SNL" 14 times: he's the best. He deserves to come back again and again. If he returns this year, he'll tie Steve Martin's record for hosting the most. Couldn't happen to a funnier guy.

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