Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In Honor of “Parenthood:” Lauren Graham’s Finest Role


We’ve been waiting a long time for the new TV show based on Ron Howard’s 1989 movie “Parenthood” to premiere. The show was originally slated to debut last September but that was postponed when series’ star Maura Tierney announced she was leaving in order to undergo treatments for breast cancer. We were sad to hear the news and bummed about the delay.

We never could have anticipated that out of that disappointment would come incredibly good news. Lauren Graham would be replacing Tierney. Now we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. We were HUGE “Gilmore Girls” fans. HUGE. And we’ve been waiting three years to hear that Graham was signing on to a new show. We never expected it to be the one show we’ve been waiting forever to see.

Sure, we’ve had little Lauren fixes along the way with her appearances in “Evan Almighty” and “Flash of Genius.” But nothing’s filled the Lorelei-sized hole in our TV addict hearts. We miss her at her finest, in her greatest role.

But now we only have to hold out a little bit longer, until next Tuesday night, March 2 at 10 pm on NBC. Until then, we’re going to enjoy Lauren in all her Lorelei glory and stage our own “Gilmore Girls” marathon. Feel free to join us, the WB posts three new episodes of the classic series each week. Order in some Chinese and let the snappy banter begin.

And click here to see Lauren's thoughts on her "Parenthood" character, Sarah.

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