Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Johnny Weir Rocked the Tassel

Looking like a cross between the child catcher from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” and Edward Scissorhands – all dolled up in a Bob Mackie bejeweled unitard – Johnny Weir did, in fact, rock the tassel Olympic style last night. He nailed his landings, he was graceful but cheeky, and he wasn’t sporting any fur. And yet, he scored an 82.1, which placed him sixth in the standings at the end of the Men’s Figure Skating Short Program in Vancouver. In other words, he was robbed.

Maybe the Romanian judge hasn’t watched “Be Good Johnny Weir.” If he had, then he’d probably be as big a Johnny fan as we are.

But no, the conservative judges seem to be Evan Lysacek fans. Sure, he was technically spot on, and he was graceful, but he just doesn’t have the flair that Johnny has (despite his weak attempt to glam it up with a few feathers at his wrists).

Look we’ll take the U.S. National Anthem anyway we can get it and if that means Evan has to knock Russian Evgeni Plushenko down a notch to bring it home, so be it. But we’d love to see Johnny skate another passionate program on Thursday night and overtake them both.

No matter what’s to come, we love Weir but here’s what we’re hoping… Don’t just be good on Thursday Johnny, be great. We’re rooting for you!


  1. I'm in love with Johnny Weir! He's Gorgeous!

  2. Johnny was robbed at the Olympics. Have you been watching "Be Good Johnny Weir?" We love it.