Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Huffington Post's Live Fashion Week Feed

Maybe it’s our growing obsession with shows like “Project Runway,” “The Rachel Zoe Project,”  and “Kell on Earth” that has sparked our interest in New York Fashion Week. We used to know more about the clothes on the racks of Lane Bryant than we did about the couture on the models at Bryant Park. But now we’re intrigued by what’s going on with the spring lines premiering on the catwalk.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration. We’re less concerned about the clothes themselves (until more affordable knockoff versions are available) and way more interested in the behind the scenes dramas.

That’s why we love the Huffington Post’s live coverage of all things Fashion week. The page features the totally entertaining More Than Mary live video stream from the front row at the runway shows to backstage interviews. But the best part has to be, not one, not two, but three live Twitter streams by in-the-know fashion press, designers, and models.

Check out tweets from Betsy Johnson, Cindy Crawford, and Veronica Webb. The catwalk cattiness just keeps coming.

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