Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pregnant Athlete on the Canadian Curling Team

Just when you thought the sport of curling couldn't get any stranger, the internet is buzzing about the pregnant athlete on the Canadian team.

Apparently at almost six months along, Kristie Moore is only the third expectant mom to compete in the history of the Olympics. The first was way back in 1920 when a pregnant Swedish figure skater, Magda Julin, won the gold medal (that was long before they ever did triple — or even — double jumps). The second was Diana Sartor a German who came in fourth in the skeleton (yes, that's the toboggan kind of race you do lying on your stomach. Ouch.)

As the alternate, Kristie may never really see ice time, but if a teammate is injured Moore and her baby bump will take to the curling sheet. Which, of course, makes us wonder, how does one get injured in the fast paced, full contact sport of curling?

Moore has said her pregnancy has in no way affected her ability to deliver rocks, and that, in fact, her mom was a curler who played while pregnant with both Kristie and her brother Chad.

When we first heard the news, we worried for her safety, but then realized, she's on the curling team, she's not a snowboarder or mogul skier. In a sport often compared to lawn bowling or shuffleboard, her main stress during the event is how fast to sweep the ice.

For a pretty funny take on the sport of curling, check out this interview with actor, Jeff Goldblum.

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