Friday, February 12, 2010

OK GO's Marching Band Video

This Too Shall Pass Rocks the Accordion 

One take wonders OK Go are at it again. First it was the charmingly choreographed, if not completely goofy, backyard romp on "A Million Ways." Then came the ridiculously impressive treadmill video, "Here It Goes Again," which we thought they would never top.

But the kings of geek chic are back. And this time they prove their prowess for singing, playing, and moving in formation in the ultimate test... playing with a marching band. And not just ANY marching band, the Notre Dame marching band. Our friends from color guard are unpacking their plumed caps and reliving their glory days.

OK Go's new act of video genius features the four members of the band playing accordion, xylophone, bass drum, and snare. Oh my. Really, who doesn't love a xylophone break (let alone three)?

Add to that swamp creatures playing clarinets and a bunch of kids doing a ribbon dance, and OK Go really has achieved a new pinnacle of nerd rock. Oh, and did we mention it was live? No cuts, no edits, no overdubs.

Don't believe us? Watch for yourselves.

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