Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jon Hamm and Michael Bublé Get the SNL Laughs

We have been fans of Jon Hamm since his days as Joanie's hunky firefighter  boyfriend on "Providence." We renewed our affection for him with one glimpse of his stellar portrayal of ad man Don Draper on "Mad Men." But we did not expect the chiseled-faced actor to make us laugh.

So his first trip to "Saturday Night Live" and his faux commercial for Jon Hamm's John Ham caught us pleasantly by surprise. This past weekend he was back on "SNL" and he had set the bar pretty high for his command performance.

But, thankfully, he did not disappoint. Shockingly, neither did his sketch side kick, standard-crooning-Sinatra-wanna be Michael Bublé. The pair teamed up for a John Ham follow-up — Hamm and Bublé, a pork and champagne establishment. We have a new found respect for Bubbly Bublé. The best "SNL" skit all season.

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