Monday, February 1, 2010

The Countdown to Brian Boitano Begins


True, "Lost" returns tomorrow night on ABC at 9:00 pm and the 2010 Winter Olympics are about to start on February 12, but we're already looking beyond that to what is sure to be the greatest TV event of the year - the relaunch of the Food Network's "What Would Brian Boitano Make?"

Yes, on March 7 at 1 pm, the gold medal figure skater will be gliding back into the kitchen and into our hearts as he whips up his delicious culinary treats. You won't find a more entertaining cooking show on TV and his recipes are actually accessible to the home cook.

If you're following Boitano on Twitter (which you should be) you might already have voted for him as the greatest figure skater of all time. But if not, go and vote now.

For our part, we'd like to honor "WWBBM?" in our own way. So we'll be counting the minutes with our daily Brian Boitano Trivia question.

Just click on read more to get the answer and enjoy.

Q: In what city did Brian Boitano win the Olympic Gold Medal in 1988?

A: Calgary, Alberta

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