Monday, February 1, 2010

Kathy Griffin Got Robbed at the Grammys

The low point of last night’s Grammy Awards was not the atrocious duet by Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks (who looked like she was trying to back off the stage mid-song on more than one occasion). Nor was it Jon Bon Jovi’s questionable Carol Brady haircut (Jon, we like it short but you’ve got to lose that little flip at the nape of your neck). It certainly could have been the shameless and uncomfortable parading out of Michael Jackson’s children (and what, did Jermaine threaten to walk from the family reality show if they didn’t let the cousins join them on stage?).

No, the travesty of the Grammy’s was that Kathy Griffin once again lost the Best Comedy Album Award. We got it last year. How could they not give the golden gramophone to George Carlin following his untimely death? And we love Stephen Colbert and his Christmas Special (who took home the trophy this year). But Kathy’s time is now and “Suckin’ It for the Holidays” is hysterical.

Sorry, Kathy. We’re on your side and ready to launch a full scale campaign for you to win in 2011.

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