Thursday, February 4, 2010

Leif Garrett Caught with Heroin, Again

Leif Garrett was one of our first childhood celebrity crushes. We had a thing for guys with long blonde curly hair. Peter Frampton, the Greatest American Hero, Pippin. See the pattern?

We realize now, looking back as adults, that Leif was really just our generation's Justin Beiber — a pretty face without too much substance to back it up. But still as far as schoolgirl daydreams, he was one of the dreamiest.

So we were more than disappointed when we heard of all of his troubles over the years - from the car accident that left a friend paralyzed to many months spent in rehab and jail. And he's most definitely lost his boyish good looks.

We were hoping that the last attempt at sobriety, prison time, and three years of probation were enough to get him on track, but sadly he was arrested again yesterday in Los Angeles for heroin possession.

We think Scott Baio should come to his rescue and do a second season of "Confessions of a Teen Idol" starring Leif. A girl can dream.

Read the whole story of his arrest here.

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