Friday, February 5, 2010

Albert Exergian's Insanely Hip TV Posters

Since TV is such a visual medium, it's amazing that a designer would have the presence of mind to attempt to break each one down to a singularly striking and sophisticated graphic image.

Now Austrian artist Albert Exergian has created a series of stunningly hip posters (and, we’re praying, future t-shirts) that boil “Dallas” down to a drop of oil and reduce “Kojak” to a lollipop. You can probably guess how he depicts “Twin Peaks” but until you see the clean, bold images you can’t even begin to image how cool they are.

Perfect individually, incredible as a set. You can scoop them up at the UK company Blanka but be prepared to shell out £50 each (that’s about $80) plus international shipping and handling (VAT is included). That’s still probably cheaper than your monthly cable bill and your TV addict friends will be oh so jealous of your impeccable taste.

Exergian’s non-television work is all pretty cool. Check it out at his web site

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