Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Picks for Best Super Bowl Commercials

We're not what you call sports fans, by any stretch. Sure we go to an occasional Dodgers game and, being from Boston, if a New England team is on top we cheer for them until they choke. So when it comes to the Super Bowl, unless the Patriots are playing, we watch purely for the half time extravaganza and the commercials.

This year Pete and Roger did not disappoint. Although we do admit that we are such huge Who fans that the pair could have stood perfectly still on stage and not opened their mouths and we would have loved the show.

As for the commercials, very few of them caught our attention. In fact only two really stood out to us.

The first was the Snicker's ad with Betty White getting tackled while playing football in the mud. And then to throw in Abe Vigoda to boot — completely unexpected and hilarious. A Super Bowl classic to be sure.

The other was the Dodge "Man's Last Stand" spot. "I will clean the sink after I shave. I will carry your lip balm. I will watch your vampire TV shows with you. And because I do this..." I get to drive a bad ass car. Very funny.

Apparently Dodge is continuing their "Man's Last Stand" campaign beyond Super Bowl Sunday, encouraging dudes to "be masters of their own face." After the game, they launched their Super Beard Contest. Entrants can log on to Facebook to post before and after pics of the beards they will grow in the next six weeks. A public vote declares a winner who gets a trip to a Dodge Motorsports race of their choice.

There's also a Judges Round in which Dodge employees pick two honorable mention prizes based on "overall quality, appearance, creativity, quality of facial hair, originality, skill and content."

Interested in participating? Check out the competition.

And got o to keep us posted on your progress.

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