Monday, February 22, 2010

Shatner Signs on to Star in "Sh*t My Dad Says"

We're sure by now you've heard of the Twitter phenomenon "Sh*t My Dad Says" where Justin Halpern tweets his 73-year-old father's often profane words of wisdom. Some recent gems include "Nah, we don't celebrate it. Don't know who St. Valentine was, don't give a sh*t, and doubt he wants people screwing in his memory" and "Universe is 14 billion years old. Seems silly to celebrate one year. Be like having a f*#@ing parade every time I take a piss."

Last fall Halpern landed a TV deal to write a script based on his father and today it was announced that none other than William Shatner has signed on to play the eloquent old coot in the pilot.

Halpern's Twitter account now has 1.6 million followers, a number sure to increase with Shatner onboard. The Hollywood Reporter said the "Star Trek" actor was chosen for his comedic timing and prowess at spoken word performance as recently witnessed when he read Sarah Palin's tweets on "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien."

We had our own first hand experience with Shatner's comic genuis when we gave him a pop quiz not too long ago. Check it out here, and as always, live long and twitter.

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