Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Campaign to Bring Back Sal Romano on "Mad Men"

We Pop Culture Passionistas are amazed at the number of Facebook campaigns that have successfully sprung up lately. First there the “I’m with Coco” movement. They didn’t reach their ultimate goal of keeping Conan O’Brien on at 11:30 at The Tonight Show desk but they certainly proved to the world that ginger talk show host was deeply popular and led in no small part we’re sure to his newly announced The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour tour.

Then came the "Betty White to Host SNL (please?)!" This one scored a direct hit and Ms. White will be gracing the Saturday Night Live stage on May 8th. And, we’re sure not entirely coincidentally, just signed on for a season of the new sitcom Hot in Cleveland.

Last week we featured a campaign to bring back the classic Thursday Night NBC Line-Up and they announced today they got their first star attached to their plan. Jarrett Lennon, who played Carla’s son Ludlow Tortelli has given his full support. Hay he may not be Ted Danson but it takes a village.

Our latest favorite cause is called “Anachronism shanachronism; bring Salvatore Romano back to Mad Men!!” This movement’s goal is to convince Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner to resurrect the character of Sal, the closeted gay creative exec who was fired for refusing to sleep with a male client who was pressuring him for sex. Sadly, actor Bryan Batt confirmed to th Huffington Post this week that he was not reupped for Season 4 as we had all feared.

But in a show that never seems to stop surprising us, we’re hoping there’s a mid-season twist and a last minute contract renewal. We’ve got to go now… there’s a Facebook movement waiting for our support. Bring back Sal… bring back Sal… bring back Sal…

Last year Bryan Batt talked to GLADD about being openly gay in Hollywood in the clip above.

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