Friday, March 12, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice Season 3 Premieres Sunday, March 14

Before a single episode of Season 3 of The Celebrity Apprentice even airs, we are putting our money on Sharon Osbourne to win. She's a fighter, she's determined, and she takes no prisoners.

If there's one thing the past two winners (comedian Joan Rivers and Osbourne's fellow America's Got Talent judge Piers Morgan) have proven, it's that the "I don't care what you think of me" attitude is what survives in the boardroom.

Trump starts the season off again with men vs. women, and Sharon kick starts her honesty campaign by calling out Cyndi Lauper, who is trying to come up with a team name by referencing historic sea captains. Sharon says of her, she's "just a lovely soul, but totally barking mad."

One person we're pretty sure will not win is ex-Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. Comedian Sinbad mocks Rod during the first episode telling him "First thing I woulda said was, 'Rod, hang up the phone. Call me from a payphone.'" When Rod is asked how far he'll go to win, he replies, "I'll do anything..." but goes on to qualify that statement with, " and ethical and honest." Blogo also feels he's at a disadvantage on the fundraising front, saying, "When I come calling for money these days, someone else is listening, and the people on the other end know they are."

While we don't suspect Poison front man and Rock of Love star, Bret Michaels, has a chance in hell of staying around too long, we do admire his reason for thinking he can win, "Because I could rock your world."

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone could be a contender especially since he says he'll do anything to be the last man standing. In his Celebrity Apprentice website bio he states, "My mum taught me not to cheat or steal -- I hope she doesn't watch the show because I'll do all that it takes to support and raise as much money as possible for Feeding America."

The Celebrity Apprentice is doing a lot of Internet promotions for the show this season, including live tweeting by both The Donald's daughter and board room sidekick Ivanka Trump ( and Season 3 competitor Holly Robinson Peete ( during the premiere on Sunday.

But the coolest promo is the new "Trump Yourself" Facebook app. Upload your image to see how you look with Trump's famous hair... then share it with the world on Facebook. Enjoy!

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