Monday, March 29, 2010

David Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks vs. Stupid Human Tricks

The Late Show with David Letterman is honoring March Madness by launching their own bracket tournament – Pets vs. Humans: The Ultimate Stupid Trick Tournament. The series’ producers scoured the almost 300 tricks that have appeared on the 17 seasons of the Late Show and narrowed it down to the “Stupid 16” – eight animal acts and eight human routines.

The daily contest is open to viewers who go online and choose a daily winner between rotating animal pairings and human head-to-head throwdowns, until one pet and one person remain.

It’s not to late to participate. By the end of today the “Excellent Eight” will be narrowed down to the “Favorite Four.” And between April 1 and 5, fans will vote on the final two.

Will the dog who plays dead beat the dude who does a human cannonball into a carton of milk? It’s in your hands. Make the right choice.

And to sweeten the pot, one lucky participating viewer will win a trip for two to the Big Apple to see the Late Show live and in person. You have until April 5 to enter so go register at and get voting.

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