Wednesday, March 31, 2010

E!’s Save One Show Campaign

We’ve all had them. Those special shows that go away before we’re emotionally prepared to lose them - The Gilmore Girls, Once and Again, Life Goes On. Seriously, don’t get us started.

But sometimes, fans rally and manage to wage campaigns that catch network execs’ eyes. Shows like Friday Night Lights

But Facebook aside, it’s still hard to organize a movement. That’s where E! comes in. For years, they’ve asked fans to voice their support for their favorite network shows that are at risk. As a result, they’ve helped extend the lives of Angel, Felicity, and One Tree Hill.

And now they want your opinion again. You can go to E! Online and choose from a list of shows “on the bubble” in their annual Save One Show campaign. Then on April 12, they will announce the fan favorite. But more than that, they’ll carry the word to the potentially axe swinging network in question and beg a little on the fans’ behalf.

Here’s the list of shows they say are hanging by a thread:

Castle (ABC)
Chuck (NBC)
The Forgotten (ABC)
Heroes (NBC)
Human Target (Fox)
Life Unexpected (The CW)
Medium (CBS)
Melrose Place (The CW)
Mercy (NBC)
Numb3rs (CBS)
One Tree Hill (The CW)
Parenthood (NBC)
Scrubs (ABC)
Sons of Tuscon (Fox)
Trauma (NBC)

You can go to the Watch With Kristin blog to cast your vote. Then go light a candle and say a little prayer.

The list will be cut down to five semi-finalists on April 5. But if your pick doesn’t make the list, there’ll be a Twitter wild card entry, which will be part of the final vote.

We’re heading there now to put in a good word for Parenthood – we really couldn’t stand to lose Lauren Graham again.

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  1. Please please please save the following - watch all of these RELIGIOUSLY!!!!

    One Tree Hill
    Life Unexpected
    Melrose Place
    Ghost Whisperer