Thursday, March 18, 2010

FlashForward Is Back Tonight

When FlashForward started last fall, ABC was setting it up to be the up-and-coming heir to the Lost empire, as it was about to start its final season. Since we are big fans of the confusing, but fascinating island drama, we were happy to hear there would be a new show to fill the void. And we were not disappointed by the first half of Season 1 of FlashForward. But to us there was one big difference between the two series. We actually understood FlashForward — or at least, we managed to keep up.

It's been three months since the show last aired and tonight's two-hour mid-season premiere marks the triumphant return of Joseph Fiennes, Dominic Monaghan, Jack Davenport, and the rest of the cast. You can see a sneak peak of tonight's show at the website.

By all accounts the next twelve episodes are going to set to the task of answering all the questions set up in the first twelve. Who kidnapped Lloyd? Who is Suspect Zero? What happens when April 29th rolls around? Will Demetri really die? And what the heck do all the birds have to do with all of this?

But in true Lost-like fashion these answers are just replaced by new questions when further plot twists are hinted at. Why do Mark Benford and Lloyd Simcoe end up working together? Did D. Gibbons lie to Mark? Is there going to be another blackout? Will Dominic Monaghan die in an underwater tank? Oh, sorry, wrong show.

Tune in tonight for some of the answers.

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