Friday, April 2, 2010

Glee Trivia Challenge

Q: Name the star set to play the director of rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline.
A: Idina Menzel

Q: Name Matthew Morrison’s 2005 Broadway musical.
A: The Light in the Piazza

Q: Which Glee actress is known for her parts in Christopher Guest films?
A: Jane Lynch

Q: What was the name of Kevin McHale’s real life boy band?
A: Not Like Them

Q: What class does glee club director Will Schuester teach?
A: Spanish

Q: Name the store where Cory Monteith used to work as a greeter.
A: Wal-Mart

Q: What are the fans of Glee known as?
A: Gleeks

Q: Name the Broadway rock musical that starred Lea Michele.
A: Spring Awakenings

Q: What was the first single released by the cast?
A: Don’t Stop Believin’

Q: Who played former washed up glee club star April Rhodes?
A: Kristin Chenoweth

Q: Which Beyonce song did Kurt and the football team dance to?
A: Single Lady

Q: What is the name of the glee club on Glee?
A: New Directions

Q: Which Streisand song did Rachel sing at sectionals?
A: Don’t Rain on My Parade

Q: Name Will Schuester’s a capella group.
A: The Acafellas

Q: What’s the name of McKinley High’s cheerleading squad?
A: The Cheerios

Q: What's the name of Glee’s fictional high school?
A: William McKinley High School

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