Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bob Newhart on “Hi, Bob”

Bob Newhart has been known to say he hopes it isn’t his legacy. But how many TV stars can say that they have their own drinking game?

“Hi, Bob” is played on college campuses (and beyond). Participants take a shot of alcohol every time a character on The Bob Newhart Show says, what else, “Hi, Bob” to psychiatrist Bob Hartley. Needless to say, a person can get pretty drunk watching an episode.

Bob talks about the game and shares some essential words of advice for those who play along in this interview with the Archive of American Television.


  1. I'm interested in drinking games, although I'm no longer a college student..having graduated some 35 years ago. Where might I join in?

  2. You play it at home with friends while watching "The Bob Newhart Show." Every time someone says "Hi, Bob." You drink. You might be surprise how often that happens in an episode. Enjoy and remember, "Don't drink and play 'Hi, Bob!'"