Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jaime Oliver Petition

Jamie Oliver is one of the coolest, most easygoing chefs on TV. Obviously the guy who dubbed himself the Naked Chef must has a sense of humor.

But it’s clear when watching his new reality series Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, that he takes this mission very seriously. Giant pea pod suit aside, Jamie has attacked the mid-Western hamlet of Huntington each week with a singular focus, to change the way the people of the town eat, especially the young people. Don’t let last Friday night’s musical cooking production extravaganza fool you, Jamie means business.

Jamie’s had his adversaries along the way, but none has been more voracious than Rod Willis, the local radio host, who just didn’t believe in what Jamie was doing. On last Friday night’s episode, Jamie won a bet with the DJ and changed his opinion of the program, when he got 1000 people to come by his kitchen to learn to cook healthy food.

If he can convince Rod that’s he’s on the right track, we’re sure he can convince you, too. Even if you don’t have time to watch Food Revolution, you must at least have a few minutes to sign the petition to improve food in schools across the country. It worked in England. It can work here.

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