Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5 Reasons We're Sad to See Ugly Betty Go

Ugly Betty ends it's four-year run tonight. Last week's second to the last episode leaves us with a pretty good idea of what will happen tonight. So while we're not expecting the series finale to blow our minds, we are going to miss Betty and the gang. Here are a few reasons why:

1) Betty gave us hope that anyone with a heart who believes in herself can accomplish great things… whether or not she wears frumpy ponchos or fancy playsuits.

2) We love Bryan Batt from Mad Men and we were thrilled to see his guest spot on Betty. Mark and Spencer seem like a perfect pair and we'd like to see that relationship develop. Did someone say spin-off?

3) Justin finally came out. After all these years he's gay and proud and we think that role model should stay on TV for today's kids.

4) We like the idea of Betty and Daniel hooking up (which is broadly hinted at in the series finale trailer) way better than having Betty end up with Henry. And we'd love to see Betty and Daniel get a flat in London and take the U.K. by storm.

5) Amanda and Betty are finally friends and we want to watch them go on Laverne and Shirley-esque romps together.

But, it seems no Facebook campaigns, email blasts, or fan opposition can change Betty's fate. Bye Betty. We'll miss you.

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