Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Conan O'Brien Survives and Thrives

Although the news that Conan O'Brien is heading to TBS came a little out of left field, we're glad Coco has found a home, and on a channel that truly appreciates comedy. Ironically he bumped George Lopez's talk show Lopez Tonight back one hour (one of the initial NBC botched plans was to bump Conan's Tonight Show to midnight after a new Leno show).

Starting next fall, Conan will be on from 11:00 PM to midnight and Lopez will go on after that. George announced on his show Monday night that he is thrilled to have Conan as his lead in.

Everyone knows that the ginger haired host is banned from TV at the moment. But Lopez brought Conan back as much as anyone legally could, and resurrected one of Coco's best bits along the way. Lopez interviewed a photo of the former Tonight Show host who responded via an animated mouth.

Coco certainly had a lot of fans pulling for him. Perhaps none more generous than Baton Rouge's Lamar Outdoor Advertising, who donated all of their digital advertising space to Conan's tweets until he got a new job. Looks like their work is done and they can go back to selling ad space.

But Conan didn't take time to celebrate the big $10 million deal. He's on the road with his new Legally Prohibited From Being On Television Tour. There's no official video released, but through the magic of cell phone cameras this hilarious clip of his version of I Will Survive is making the rounds.

We've also heard that the show includes Andy Richter, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and a vaguely familiar but renamed Self-Pleasuring Panda who received his new moniker to get around intellectual property issues with NBC.

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