Thursday, April 15, 2010

Death Star Facebook Campaign

Some Facebook campaigns seem a little harder to pull off than others. Take, for example, the “Star Wars” themed “1,000,000,000,000,000,000 for the reconstruction of the death star” movement. The group admins know this might be a lofty task, but they’re mission would not only recreate one of the coolest sci-fi set pieces in movie history, it might just help solve Earth’s population problems. Here’s their theory, “Now not only would we be able to build the Death Star but we would have added a s*#t load of people to this earth! So lets put them on that Death Star and give them nifty white plastic suits to wear and blasters to carry around!” Eco-friendly and fashionable.


Bearing in mind that there aren’t a quintillion people on the planet, “let alone Facebook!” The group plans to reach out to social networking sights in other solar systems. We wonder what they think of Justin Bieber beyond the Milky Way.

And, just to avoid any confusion, this is different than the “Campaign to make the moon look like the Death Star” group on Facebook. Their mission, they say, seems hard but it is actually easy, “All that needs to be done is for some lights to be put up there - old street lights covered with green cellophane will be fine. Some have suggested that the actual laser dish would be difficult to replicate, but because of the moons fixed attitude towards the earth, this would be easily achievable by painting to create the effect of light and shadow, etc.”

Simple enough, no? Their 384 followers seem to think so.  But considering where Obama’s at with the whole space program, this one might have to sit on the D.C. backburner for a bit.

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