Wednesday, April 7, 2010

California OneCare 365 Ads

President Obama might be getting everything squared away in D.C. healthcare-wise. But that’s not stopping the good folks at Their goal is a lofty one, “to educate millions of Californians and build overwhelming public support for single payer universal health care in California.”

So, in order to raise awareness for their cause, they’ve launched the 365 ads campaign. Each day a new video is posted on their site addressing that month’s theme – April is the “Health Care Victim Stories” series.

The videos feature every day people and a host of famous faces including Ken “The White Shadow” Howard, Paula Poundstone, Alan Ruck, Ted “Isaac the Bartender” Lange, and Ed Asner.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Lily Tomlin as Ernestine:

Elliot Gould:

Valerie Harper:

Of course you can submit your own ad, too. Visit the California OneCare site to see how.

One star you definitely won’t be seeing in the 365 Ads campaign – Arnold Schwarzenegger. The single payer legislation has passed both houses of the Caifornia legislature two times, but the Governator vetoed it twice because he believes “health care is not a right.”


  1. Thanks for the mention. Some of the most recent Celebrities with California OneCare 365 ads include Ed Begley, Jr., Laraine Newman, Phil Proctor and Melinda Peterson as well as Connie Stevens. Check them out at

  2. Our pleasure. As freelance writers/producers, we get how important this issue is and appreciate the work you guys are doing. Thanks!